Saturday, October 19, 2013

Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2.1 Torrent Download

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Features: The fastest in detecting new viruses: Our network of Collective Intelligence servers identifies and processes viruses automatically in a fraction of the time required by laboratory technicians. Designed with you in mind: Now you can forget about tiresome antivirus products with incessant notifications and difficult questions. Panda Cloud Antivirus works for you without annoying you. Updates are history: The real key to Panda Cloud Antivirus is in the Collective Intelligence servers. That's why you'll always have maximum detection capacity without relying on traditional updates. Detects more than anyone else: The Panda servers have a database of millions of viruses allowing Panda Cloud Antivirus to detect the multitude of threats that appear every day.

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Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus torrent

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What is new: New features included in this Community Labs Area in Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.2 version are: Data Shield: This new Protection prevents malware from accessing your personal data. In case a new malware can surpass all protection layers and infiltrate into your PC, Data Shield will avoid any theft or encryption of the important thing: your personal data. We are so sure about the importance of this protection, that we are releasing it enabled by default. Parental Control: Keep an eye on the web sites your kids are visiting and protect them from inappropriate content by blocking access to any of 59 different categories. Have a quick view of your children̢۪s activity in a dashboard filtered by date, website or category. Rescue Boot. This new feature is extremely useful in case of emergency situations caused by malware infections. Once created you will be able to boot from a USB or from a rescue option in your PC and remove any virus that locks your system thanks to Panda Cloud C...

Panda Cloud Antivirus is the first free Cloud Antivirus. This fast and light solution connects in real time PandaLabs Collective Intelligence servers, protecting your computer from the latest malware variants. Thanks to Collective Intelligence knowledge base, this antivirus detects more malware than other traditional solutions. It is light weight, safe and easy to use. Panda Cloud Antivirus protects you browse, play or even work and you won? T even notice it on your computer. Thanks to cloud scanning is the maximum speed protection, even the very latest viruses. Just install and forget Panda Cloud Antivirus, and you won have to worry about updates, as all the work is done the cloud. This is true, no interference technology and can detect even the latest unknown viruses. Panda Cloud Antivirus includes behavior blocking to prevent viruses running suspicious events. It also offers a PC Vaccine feature to protect you from USB drives running automatically connected to the computer. Protect your identity and your passwords, and allows you to remove all traces of your Internet activity. Similarly, it allows you to browse the Internet anonymously, thereby preventing your personal details, identity and movements from being visible to others. This antivirus, Panda Security presents a new security model based on ultra light architecture to process and block malware more efficiently than traditional products which are based on locally installed signature files. Traditional anti-virus software for PC use multiple locally installed technologies, the large amount of memory and other computer resources, and, therefore, adversely affect the performance of the system. In short, this antivirus works for you. Simply ... Evolution. NOTE: The Firewall and Intrusion Prevention license.

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