Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 2013 14.00 ( YTRBNNF

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Category: Antivirus
Developer: Cat Computer Services
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Features: AntiVirus: Detects and removes viruses, worms and trojans automatically. Protects your files, scans and cleans infection from email attachments and Internet downloads automatically. AntiSpyware: Blocks spywares before they get installed on your PC. Protects your privacy by detecting and cleaning spywares and blocking their activities of identity theft automatically. Firewall: Quick Heal Firewall Professional powered by Agnitum Outpost locks hackers and thieves out of your PC. Delivers total protection against known and unknown internal and external network based attacks. AntiMalware: A new advanced malware scanning engine scans registry, files and folders at lightening speed to thoroughly detect and clean Spywares, Adwares, Roguewares, Dialers, Riskwares and lots of other potential threats in your system. Anti-Rootkit: Detects and cleans rootkits proactively by doing deep system scan. Scans running processes, registry and file system for any suspicious rootkit activity that is kept hidden in the system.

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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro torrent

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What is new: Entertainment mode has been introduced. Using Entertainment mode you will be able to play games, watch movies and use any entertainment software without any interference by Quick Heal and without reducing security of your computer. To improve security against malwares, Quick Heal has come up with Self Defense feature. Malwares are now targeting AntiVirus and security softwares by deleting their important files, registry entries. Quick Heal files, folders & registry entries will be now protected. User, Malware or any other application will not be able to tamper Quick Heal files, folders and registry entries. Web Browsing Protection has been introduced to prevent infections from malicious websites. Quick Heal will now automatically detect newly mounted removable drives (e.g. Pen drive, USB Hard Drives etc.) and prompt you to scan the drives. Quick Heal Autorun Protection has been introduced to manage autorun functionality of the PC and removable drives. Malware ...

Lighter, Faster, its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, easy Quick, heal antivirus, hassle-free protection for your system. After the installation, viruses, worms, Trojans, spywares and other malicious acts as a shield against threats. Quick heal renowned DNAScan technology, using it, provides protection against new and unknown viruses, and blocks malicious websites. While providing increased protection without affecting the operation of the computer In addition, this antivirus is low on resource usage. Antivirus - powerful virus detection engine of Quick Heal Antivirus brush and removable drives, email attachments and Internet downloads may try to sneak through the system with viruses, worms, Trojan Remove and many other threats. Antispyware - Spyware to collect user's personal information, username, password, bank account information, credit card information, etc. The antispyware feature installed on the system without the user's knowledge to monitor the critical information such as, malicious software blocks spywares before they get installed on your computer. He also discovered and cleaning spywares and blocking their activities of identity theft automatically protected. ANTIMALWARE - thoroughly detect and clean spywares, adwares, Roguewares, dialers, Riskwares and many other potential threats in the system is an advanced malware scanning engine skandas new record, files and folders at lightning. Anti-Rootkit detects and cleans rootkits proactively by a deep system scan. , Processes, registry and file system touches running Quick Heal antivirus and antispyware Check Mark and VB100% certified engine 100% protection from all the viruses in-The-Wild Daily automatic updates are detected and complexes detected spywares and Trojans Delete recent adwares, dialers riskwares DNAScan technology removes the bots and the new unknown malware even before the signature update will take care of the security level 2.0 Quick Easy to configure network connections automatically Port stealth DNAScan Technology monitors all incoming communications to provide idol, n detects all types of hacker attacks protects Quick Heal Firewall Professional available for new worms, Trojans and bots Fastest detection rates of all future virus protection Automatic protection from viruses, spywares, Trojans, rootkits three The best solution

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