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Jana Server

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Category: Internet|Servers|Proxy Servers
Developer: Thomas Hauck
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Jana Server

Jana Server torrent

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What is new:

The JanaServer two possible members LAN, or a group as part of a local network, modem, ISDN or DSL connection for Internet access through which, among other things, a proxy server. For this program installed modem, ISDN or DSL adapter that can access the Internet, your computer must be installed. No additional software is required on another computer on the local network. In addition JanaServer each other, each user can send or e-mail on the Internet to send e-mail to three local network that allows users to email server. Each user can have another provider and email account. Local websites or intranet service that allows you to test HTTP server, and to be integrated. This PerlCGI, PHP34, and you may want to create several functions available for ASP-scripts. Additional features of the program include: programs for FTP, Telnet, Newsreader and custom gateways and gateway functions for LAN DNS server act as a FTP server, DNS forewarder. Proxy / Firewall ports can be opened in programs without parameters, it is possible to connect directly to the Internet, so Jana, router or NAT (Network Address Translation) software. This is especially the Internet, games, and audio / video software includes. Some of these programs, such as Hummingbirds SocksCap tools can work with the client or socks. For personal use, schools, non-profit organizations and others. JanaServer 2 is a Freeware. Shareware JanaServer 2 is for commercial use. If you want to use it after the evaluation period of 30 days JanaServer 2, JanaServer register two. German, English, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Server: previous settings using the setup routine easy to install by Windows NT / 2000 / XP will run as a service in different languages, HTTP / FTP proxy server, proxy cache, built-in SSL support and PHP, Perl, ASP und SSI (Server Side Includes) HTTP transfer to your e-mail Reverse Proxy server, CGI / ISAPI? file extension = * .. Shtml with Htaccess protected directories. directories, anonymous access to the text of the FTP Server Banner is authorized to handle the maximum possible IP addresses and / or domain names, the names of the virtual host can be blocked Htpasswd. Built-in LAN functions und copy of e-mail forwarding, e-mail notification when you receive an e-Brute-Force-Attack of the local FTP Gateway Email Server POP3 / IMAP / SMTP spam filter, virus scanner integration, integration of external applications executed simultaneously log number email groups, addresses ins NNTP (news) server, DNS forwarder / server SNTP (TIME) Socks server, ie ICQ, Homebanking, VNC, Telnet Gateway with any HTML browser, RealPlayer proxy gateways extremely convenient menu in the system tray to set the remote LAN of 5.4 proxy or clear all administrative tasks, WAN Users weeks depending on the time of day or days of the program, selected DUN connection to the gateway via standard email without relating Connection can manage their passwords and e-mail forwarding can be implemented in HTML format configuration DUN, running up menus (connect or disconnect) to proxy to act for disconnection after a possible limit on the management of personal User: eacj individual access rights for the user name, IP address or IP range Powered By Maximum number of days per week up to one hour on weekends Time series of the number of hours, days Time proxy block or allow access to the Gateway Administrator friendly websites log files / log files from 11 different Java-applet-display (DUN-split, the number of connections, etc.) the taskbar icon., color-coded monitoring display the state of

Visual SQL-Designer 4.0.1 [32bit-64bit]

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Torrent Size: 12 mb

Category: Internet|Servers|Database Utils
Developer: VisualSoft
Size: 12 MB


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Visual SQL-Designer

Visual SQL-Designer torrent

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What is new: The mistake is corrected at opening the form of a choice of a source of data. Problems in work of dialogue of editing of the filter are corrected. Some mistakes in work of the program are corrected.

SQL to be seen whether it is helpful to be measured by their usefulness is by using a SQL query to something that could be an easy matter to build a practice in and write it.It Oracle, MS SQL Server 6.5-7.0-2000, MySQL, Sybase, DB2 NT, MSAccess and ODBC porcelain. Are there union. OLAP included?? Line. Because it is a matter of form, and of the part?? Skins world bud?? Etu can help you. Of course, let's see who is on leave, the answer is notified of the contamination, or creation?? Anu and Sybase, the over?? Line time. Investigate?? Ana also been carried out to establish without delay can be calculated?? Fav, they appear in areas they?? Meaning of the word line and the back of each team. Are there any?? Aubais that saves power created?? Anu (O) on the future of waste?? Ana their database. Death of an external SQL query (reverse life). Print this page Print murder?? Anas monsters consumer has chosen a printer performance. Are there union. It was founded ten years ago and show the development of an urn. Stored?? Anas wixard room stand out. OLAP functionality to Visual dissonance with SQL, it helps make the front?? Preference is multi-dimensional OLAP analysis for products and services, and provides extensive?? Wells audience. Triplicate, and external, which is the file you need?? Ams to start sources. File and analyze the square part?? Skin da?? Leather chemicals stand a lot. Are there union. SQL query, make sure that the tables, OLAP included?? Line. Build. builder.-Delete query looking for?? Anas Export data part?? skins classes, da?? in different formats. Let's see what the mainstream, they were given an abundance of data query other founders, such as the over?? Line at the Sybase to Oracle. Investigate?? Ana also been carried out to establish without delay can be calculated?? Fav, they appear in areas they?? Meaning of the word line and the back of each team. Are there any?? Aubais that saves power created?? Anu (O) on the future of waste?? Ana their database. In the SQL query burden of the foreign (the reverse of life)., Is the impact on the print page print show da?? Skin client from the printer. Are there union. It was founded in the development of Google Earth, and Wisconsin. Stored? Wizard starts. ?? UNU policy and inclusion?? Ana Visual SQL OLAP aircraft to make a profit multi-dimensional data analysis, as well as fruit OLAP will be celebrated. Triplicate and the external file, analyze the client from da?? For different sources available in the 6.0 square Department of Visual, Microsoft runtime library SP5 ADO 2.5 (Greek MDAC) 30 day trial?? ĶendÄ"ties screens

Friday, November 29, 2013

BitTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.6.3 Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 13 mb

Category: Internet|Other Internet Related
Developer: Boost Your Downloads
Size: 13 MB

Features: Automatically resumes paused downloads; Configuration from last run is saved and auto loads on start-up; Finished and wrong files are cleaned automatically; Finds more sources at user-specified intervals; Interface is easy to use and good-looking; Interface is easy operable by a system tray icon.

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BitTorrent SpeedUp Pro

BitTorrent SpeedUp Pro torrent

Good: 16 Bad: 1

What is new: Network devices better detection.

BitTorrent SpeedUp PRO is an innovative plug-in for BitTorrent. Architecture of the program is designed to enable you to download at the highest speed. MP3, movies and other desired files Bandwidth of your Internet connection as efficiently as possible and BitTorrent Acceleration Patch will let you find more sources to download designed.

Chris PC-Lock 3.20 x64-x86 Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 14 mb

Category: Security|Lockdown
Developer: Chris P.C. srl
Size: 14 MB

Features: Locks the keyboard of your laptop or desktop PC and prompts a dialog box for password. Entering the correct password will unlock the computer. A powerful and useful feature for any user is the automatic computer locking after an idle period, that can be set in minutes. Easy setting/change of your unlock password from the configuration screen. In the lock mode, it fully disables access to the task manager of Windows 9X/ME/200X/XP operating system, therefore any unauthorized keyboard access to your system will fail. Any attempt to press shortcuts like ALT+F4, CTRL+ALT+DEL or ALT+TAB will fail, prompting the input password dialog box to unlock. WinKey is also disabled when the lock mode is on. The lock screen can be set to any custom wallpaper or slideshow, by a simply setting the picture path or the pictures' folder. The new version comes in with a new set of original and beautiful photos that can be used as wallpapers for you desktop. A more advanced feature lets you set the transparency of the lock screen wallpaper, giving you a close feeling of the current Windows desktop status. Entering in lock mode can be fast by pressing your custom defined shortcut. Chris PC-Lock has an icon in the tray bar, which gives a fast mouse access to the lock mode and lock settings. In the lock mode the mouse and cursor are hidden after a certain idle time. Stealth-mode to protect you more: Tray icon is invisible and configuration settings and lock mode can be accessed only by using your secret custom defined shortcuts. Choice to select among your multiple installed Windows keyboards in the input password dialog box.

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Chris PC-Lock

Chris PC-Lock torrent

Good: 6 Bad: 4

What is new: Added virtual keyboard support. You can easily enter the password to unlock your computer even if you don't have a keyboard connected to your PC. Fixed problems that appeared on some systems for users without administration rights. Fixed automatic launch of Chris PC-Lock on some systems. Small fixes and improvements.

Chris PC-Lock is in? Itočný software easy to use?'s Guide and simple, allowing you allow? Her lock your computer. Now you can? Can enjoy your spare time without fear? E somebody unauthorized will access your? Him a computer. Chris PC-Lock can? Help ensure e,? Your e?, And work remains unchanged.

Monday, November 25, 2013

VHD Utility 1.0.2 Windows XP/7/8 Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 12 mb

Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: Xtralogic
Size: 12 MB


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VHD Utility

VHD Utility torrent

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What is new:

Needless Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual Server functionality for storage capacity of Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) increase. At the same time, it is quite easy to underestimate the storage requirements of a virtual machine. The problem can be particularly annoying for fixed VHDs, used because they improve the performance available, because it is not desirable storage space allocated to them from the beginning too. The standard solution to this problem used to use Ghost in the guest OS image creation and restoration, the larger image, the newly created VHD, attached to the same virtual machine. The procedure certainly works, but hands painfully slow process and laborious. VHD Utility is a tool that provides a better solution. It can expand VHD, based on its knowledge of the VHD format, in a single convenient and intuitive GUI (context menu on a VHD file). Just right click on a VHD file in Windows Explorer and follow the simple wizard. The operation will be extended almost simultaneously if you choose to expand VHD in place (make sure you have a current backup), or it will take some time, it is necessary that the data, if you choose to leave intact the original VHD and copy VHD of the original expansion. After using VHD VHD expanded utility will require a step further into the guest OS file system partition.-expanding VHDs expand Displays dynamic information and fixed VHD (storage capacity VHD, allocated size, VHD type) very intuitive and easy to full pay irtiú GUI used in Windows Explorer context menu for interface 30 day trial VHD file and command line

Sunday, November 24, 2013

SpeedLord Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 13 mb

Category: Internet|File Sharing
Developer: P2PHood
Size: 13 MB

Features: Compatibility with all major Bittorent p2p clients; Download speed enhancement with up to 200%; User-friendly interface; Determines bandwidth available for your connection; Interrupted downloads automatically resumed; Automatically performs checksum check up to avoid invalid downloads; Fixes connections problems in Windows XP; Acts as optimizer for TCP/IP settings; Opens correct local/router ports; Uses system tray icon Saves and auto loads configuration from last run at system start-up.

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SpeedLord torrent

Good: 17 Bad: 4

What is new: Database improvements and reduced CPU usage.

SpeedLord is a universal acceleration patch no file sharer should go without! It supports all popular BitTorrent p2p clients: a powerful downloading optimization module for LimeWire, Shareaza, Bearshare, Vuze, eMule, BitTorrent, BitComet, uTorrent, Frostwire.The application is very light, very simple in design and very easy to use - i?? Basically you just install it and run it without intervention by?? message because it automatically? when interacts with whatever file sharing program you have installed to increase the overall performance of the latter. It will increase your download experience - SpeedLord can push the download speed up to 200% and provides a variety of Markup stat es?? Io very convenient presentation.Its end features -??, Where you can make your mind and stay in a particular P2P client or simply bored with your present and you want to switch to another app, you do not need to do the same with your download accelerator since it is compatible with any i?? customers can choose.Is easy to use - so easy even a 6 year old can work?

Advanced Windows Optimizer 5.11 (64-Bit & 32-Bit) Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 13 mb

Category: Tweak|System Tweak
Developer: GOG Software
Size: 13 MB

Features: Safe: Disk Cleaner uses a built-in ignore list, and will exclude many important files from being deleted. You can also add your own files to the ignore list easily, and they will not be found again The Disk cleaner utility helps you clean temp files, junk, unwanted , obsolete and unneeded files from your disks and regain disk space. You will be left with a clean drive The reason why each file is not needed will be shown by the disk cleaner unlike other disk cleaners that blindly clean files From the list of files, advanced users can open/explore any file and confirm the file is unwanted Optionally clean disk of zero length files, temporary internet files, etc Allows important folders you wish to be excluded from scanning altogether Can use wild cards Option to delete files to the recycle bin, permanently delete or backup to a folder of choice Fast - don't waste too much time, Powerful - can be customized to find your own junk file types

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Advanced Windows Optimizer

Advanced Windows Optimizer torrent

Good: 8 Bad: 5

What is new: The latest version of Advanced Windows Optimizer improved Registry Cleaner and History Cleaner.

Advanced Windows optimizer is an award winning collection of tools to optimize system performance and speed. Includes utilities registry clean, temporary files on your drive, deleting apps and the web browser cache, history, cookies and so on. Adjustable start-up programs that are automatically loaded in Windows, find the file copy, fix broken shortcuts and uninstall software. Built-in scheduling manager jobs can take their job cleaning that takes place automatically, other features include secure mass women grinding, tearing recycle bin, application protection, split and join files, backup and restore the Windows Registry, Remote TSA BHOs ​​dangerous, and more.

PhotoToFilm (32bit-64bit) Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 13 mb

Category: Authoring tools|Digital Album
Developer: KC Softwares
Size: 13 MB

Features: User friendly interface Makes transitions (such as cross fading) between your photos Features dynamic images support Sound track (MP3) support Supports most popular photos formats (JPEG, Bitmaps) OSD : On Video dynamic text insertion Creates movies using codecs present on your computer (such as DivX) Ability to burn DVDs (requires CopyToDVD) International support

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PhotoToFilm torrent

Good: 20 Bad: 4

What is new: [Refactoring] Icons for main action buttons - resolved. [Refactoring] Rename "Oganize" as "Sort & Add Text" - resolved. [New Feature] New main icon - resolved. [New Feature] Estonian language support - resolved.

PhotoToFilm is simple and the software is easy to use, which helps users to convert series of images into movie files. In PhotoToFilm can easily make small movies out of your pictures and compress them to distribute your products to their friends and relatives. PhotoToFilm allows you to add professional looking effects in a few clicks and makes video making the game.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

RadioLink 6.041 forrrrrrrd Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 54 mb

Category: Internet|Internet Radio/TV Player
Developer: Orbit Design
Size: 54 MB

Features: Very fast, easy data input. Comprehensive Antenna and Feeder databases. Instant calculations. Path profiles produced using Digital Elevation Models. Calculates the path losses. LOS and Field Strength plots. Extensive Help System. Reports: Path Budget calculations. Path profile showing terrain profile and freznel zones.

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RadioLink torrent

Good: 25 Bad: 3

What is new:

Radio propagation design package which will assess the feasibility of a point-to-point radio link to be held before any search site. On the other hand, Radiolink includes additional features to calculate links.This microwave, therefore, reduces the costs of unnecessary travel. The radio path is drawn on the map with the mouse or by entering the coordinates for the Project Manager. Now you have the functions of THE intensity of the plot and field. USGS DEM, SDTS DEM, SRTM3, GT0PO30, SRTM30 and data formats Ordnance Survey mapping is supported. Ordnance Survey map data products that can be used are Landform Profile, Panorama and Panorama Plus.

ISO Commander 1.6 Build 043 Portable (babyface321) Torrent Download

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Torrent Size: 810 mb

Category: CD/DVD Tools|CD/DVD Images Utils
Developer: TurtleBlast Software
Size: 810 MB

Features: Edit image files and folders using drag'n'drop. Create image from files on your hard disc drive. Add to the new or existing image boot image and also change or delete it. Add, delete, rename and extract files and folders from the image. Convert different images formats into standard ISO format. Open CD/DVD disc as image, edit it and save result in the ISO image. Create CD/DVD image by one mouse click. Microsoft Windows XP standard interface that simplified your first program usage and also has many possibilities for expert work. SuperLong file and folders names (up to 110 symbols). Customizable toolbar. Customizable reaction to the user actions. Automatically image identification; Files adding from the Microsoft Explorer and other file shells using drag'n'drop. Bootable diskette copying into image compatible with WinImage format. Files and folders find in the image using its names and ?,* symbols. Detailed editable information about image. Absolutely safe edited image saving.

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ISO Commander

ISO Commander torrent

Good: 24 Bad: 0

What is new: Some changes for improve stability

ISO Commander is a powerful program that allows you to create, open and modify the contents of the CD-ROM or DVD images. Among utility main features are CD / DVD bootable images and change, direct images editing, convention from Bin / ISO / DAO / TAO / NRG images into standard ISO file and much more.