Friday, November 8, 2013

LectureMAKER 2.0 32/64 Bit [StnikA]

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Features: Master Slide: Build a master slide to streamline creation of new slides. The master slide can contain all the elements you want in the individual slides, including motion buttons and design details. Multiple Editors: Use LectureMAKER's editing tools to create the exact graphic you need for your lesson. Popular options include text box, special characters, tables, formulas, shapes, and graphs. Variety of Multimedia: Insert a variety of multimedia formats including pictures, video, sound, and flash files. For ease of use, multimedia files can be inserted directly into a large-capacity video link. Video Control: Use a video clip as part of your lesson. If you wish, bookmark specific parts of the video clip to advance quickly to the area of interest. You can synchronize slide with video clip. Design and layout, Template: LectureMAKER contains design and layout, as well as template. Use the template to quickly design teaching content. Template can be used to design almost any type of content.Video, text and audio can be configured to work with the built-in template. General & Navigation Button Preset buttons are provided for contents, progress, and interactive learning. Dynamic Teaching By using webcam, microphone, audio and video recording, and the electronic board, you can create interactive electronic lessons.

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LectureMAKER enables anyone to create lessons and activities that can be easily moved in different ways according to the requirements of interactive applications. Subject LectureMAKER ekspertówz the field and coaches can share their knowledge and experience through rozwóji distribution, highly interactive persuasive material. This caniatáui save the contents of the generally accepted Flash format and can produce SCORM compliant. LectureMAKER Give it to see how useful can be to manage interactive projects!

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