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Jana Server

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Jana Server

Jana Server torrent

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The JanaServer two possible members LAN, or a group as part of a local network, modem, ISDN or DSL connection for Internet access through which, among other things, a proxy server. For this program installed modem, ISDN or DSL adapter that can access the Internet, your computer must be installed. No additional software is required on another computer on the local network. In addition JanaServer each other, each user can send or e-mail on the Internet to send e-mail to three local network that allows users to email server. Each user can have another provider and email account. Local websites or intranet service that allows you to test HTTP server, and to be integrated. This PerlCGI, PHP34, and you may want to create several functions available for ASP-scripts. Additional features of the program include: programs for FTP, Telnet, Newsreader and custom gateways and gateway functions for LAN DNS server act as a FTP server, DNS forewarder. Proxy / Firewall ports can be opened in programs without parameters, it is possible to connect directly to the Internet, so Jana, router or NAT (Network Address Translation) software. This is especially the Internet, games, and audio / video software includes. Some of these programs, such as Hummingbirds SocksCap tools can work with the client or socks. For personal use, schools, non-profit organizations and others. JanaServer 2 is a Freeware. Shareware JanaServer 2 is for commercial use. If you want to use it after the evaluation period of 30 days JanaServer 2, JanaServer register two. German, English, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Server: previous settings using the setup routine easy to install by Windows NT / 2000 / XP will run as a service in different languages, HTTP / FTP proxy server, proxy cache, built-in SSL support and PHP, Perl, ASP und SSI (Server Side Includes) HTTP transfer to your e-mail Reverse Proxy server, CGI / ISAPI? file extension = * .. Shtml with Htaccess protected directories. directories, anonymous access to the text of the FTP Server Banner is authorized to handle the maximum possible IP addresses and / or domain names, the names of the virtual host can be blocked Htpasswd. Built-in LAN functions und copy of e-mail forwarding, e-mail notification when you receive an e-Brute-Force-Attack of the local FTP Gateway Email Server POP3 / IMAP / SMTP spam filter, virus scanner integration, integration of external applications executed simultaneously log number email groups, addresses ins NNTP (news) server, DNS forwarder / server SNTP (TIME) Socks server, ie ICQ, Homebanking, VNC, Telnet Gateway with any HTML browser, RealPlayer proxy gateways extremely convenient menu in the system tray to set the remote LAN of 5.4 proxy or clear all administrative tasks, WAN Users weeks depending on the time of day or days of the program, selected DUN connection to the gateway via standard email without relating Connection can manage their passwords and e-mail forwarding can be implemented in HTML format configuration DUN, running up menus (connect or disconnect) to proxy to act for disconnection after a possible limit on the management of personal User: eacj individual access rights for the user name, IP address or IP range Powered By Maximum number of days per week up to one hour on weekends Time series of the number of hours, days Time proxy block or allow access to the Gateway Administrator friendly websites log files / log files from 11 different Java-applet-display (DUN-split, the number of connections, etc.) the taskbar icon., color-coded monitoring display the state of

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