Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FastSatfinder 2.7.0

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Category: Science / CAD
Developer: Mixesoft
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Features: "Live" speaking of signal levels during installation of antenna Real-time signal processing Automation of all parameters Supports Many Devices DVB Engines Satellite dish alignment module Remote control DiSEqC module Predefined Transponders Skinnable

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FastSatfinder torrent

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FastSatFinder is light applicationdesigned helps you assess? Quickly find e signálz satellite.FastSatFinder will talk to you signal strength and / or quality. More than? 50,000 u? User of it? downloaded FastSatFinder program.Why? Why? Its e free, no learning curve, and get professional results in minutes. FastSatFinder has given many? Their great features built in that? E are u? IteƄné for beginners-intermediate i? Í u? Its users. FastSatFinder does not? Requires installation, you tell him? Can give it to any folder? Ky and can be run immediately. FastSatFinder is the result of many years of development. We have developed many unique technologies that are only found in FastSatFinder. And we e will not stop here. In? Always try? We guarantee the achievement? Measurement the highest?? Í performance and teaching? Live on? Spaces for e FastSatFinder users.Many is supported list of supported devices is increasing? ALLOWS from time to time? Acorp TV878DS/DS110/DS120? ADS Tech Instant TV DVB-S (Part Number: PTV 341)? Aver DVB-S? Compro VideoMate DVB-S? DVBWorld USB2.0 DVB-S/DVBWorldDTV (PCI-Sat?) FireDTV, Floppy DTV? Digistar Geni DVB-S/S2 card? Hauppauge Nova SE2/HD-S2/HVR3000/HVR4000 ...? WORLD DVB-S 100 compatible (Vstream, Dynavision ..)? LifeView FlyDVB DVB-S/Trio / ...? Netcast DVB? Nexus Premium (2.x driver of TECHNOTREND SkyStar1)? Pinnacle PCTV Sat / Pro / Dual ...? Technisat Skystar 2, Skystar HD, Skystar USB 2.0, Skystar USB Plus (only? USE TT-Connect 2400)? TechnoTrend TT1200/1401/2400/3200/3600/3650? Twinhan 1034/1041 / ... and parallel (VisionDTV, power games, Chaintech, ...)? Other DVB-S card with BDA driver (With some cards problems are possible? Nah)

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