Thursday, December 12, 2013

MP3 WAV to CD Burner 1.4.14 x86 x64

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Category: CD/DVD Tools|Audio CD/DVD Burning
Developer: Ether Software
Size: 12 MB

Features: Burn audio CD disc. Supports MP3 WAV audio format. High-Speed CD Disc Burner engine Inside! Supports 650M(74min),700M(80min),730M(83min) discs. Supports all CDRs. Supports most IDE, USB, IEEE1384, SCSI CD wrirters. So easy to use that only ONE click to burn a CD after you load the audio files. Neat user interface, very easy to use, without any complicated parameter settings.

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MP3 WAV to CD Burner

MP3 WAV to CD Burner torrent

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What is new:

MP3 WAV to CD Burner CD Burner supports MP3 WAV audio formats and Audio CD Burner is a simple to use, easy to WAV softwareMP3. MP3 WAV to CD Burner, CD-R, CD-RW supports supports all the CDRS. High-Speed ​​burner engine inside and very easy to use. MP3 WAV to CD Burner using high-quality audio CDs which is playable on your CD stereo will improve.

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