Saturday, February 15, 2014

MixMeister Express Torrent Download

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Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Editors/Recorders
Developer: MixMeister Technology
Size: 54 MB

Features: Create professional-quality mixes with beat-mixed song transitions on Mac and PC Make songs slower or faster without changing their pitch Trim down long songs down or remix short songs to make them longer Add special effects for even more ways to blend songs together Create a full-length mix and export to iPod, CD, and other portable music players Import your iTunes music library including music categories Random and smart playlist creation for mix suggestions

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MixMeister Express

MixMeister Express torrent

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What is new: Import music directly from iTunes â€" One-click import from your iTunes database. You can import all of your music or selected playlists into MixMeister. See Add your music to the MixMeister Express Library. Automatically build playlists of music which mixes well together â€" MixMeister can build you a smart playlist of songs which mix well together from Categories, BPM ranges, Albums, Artists, year and genre. You can choose the number of songs you would like included. See Building smart playlists. Find similar songs â€" Stuck trying to find the right songs to mix together? MixMeister can suggest good matches already in your Library, based on compatible BPM, genre, etc. It's like having a computer dating service for your songs. See Find similar songs. Use live, on-the-fly looping controls to make more exciting remixes â€" MixMeister Express now features the premium seamless looping from Studio and Fusion. Express features a looping control panel for each track on the timeline. You c...

MixMeister Express is an application that was developed to help you discover your inner DJ. Unlike conventional media players or CD burning software, MixMeister automatically analyzes the beats in your songs, and lets you blend songs together with sophisticated, beat -matched transitions that let the rhythm flow from one song to another. You can trim long songs to the desired size, or remix short songs to make them last longer. And if you and creating a mix for a dance floor or a group fitness class, you can make any faster or slower to heat people up or cool them music. MixMeister Express also has integrated CD burning capabilities, so creating your own mix CD is a snap. You can even export your creation to leading portable audio players including iPod, Rio de Janeiro, iRiver, Creative Labs, Philips, Samsung, and other models that support reproduction ; will or conversion of WMA files.

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