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Jana Server 32 Bit Torrent Download

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Jana Server

Jana Server torrent

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JanaServer 2 is, inter alia, a proxy server, which makes it possible for anyone LAN members or a group as part of the LAN, to access the Internet via = Modem, ISDN or DSL connection. So the utility should be on the computer, which can be accessed on the Internet at installed modem, ISDN or DSL adapter installed. No additional programs are needed to the other LAN computers. In addition, the JanaServer email server that allows local users on the network send each other e-mails or later all U.S. USER only email address on the Internet. Each user can e-mail account with another provider. An HTTP server, which allows the testing of Web sites to comply with local or intranet, is also integrated. Can set Perl/CGI-, PHP3/4- and ASP scripts for a number of features that you would like to have. Further functions are included in the program: FTP server, DNS forewarder as a DNS server in LAN and gateway functions for FTP programs, Telnet, Newsreader and custom ports. Jana isn a router or NAT (Network Address Translation) software, so there are no sites that Proxy / Firewall is able to record the Internet directly connect and open ports. This is especially true software games and audio / video on the Internet. You may find some of these programs work with tools such as client or Sockscap Hummingbirds socks. For private use, schools, nonprofit organizations, etc. Free Jana Server 2. For commercial use Jana Server 2 is shareware. If you want to use Jana Server 2 after 30 days evaluation period, you must register Jana Server 2. Easy to install at will using setup-routine situations Previous Runs maintained as a service under Windows NT / 2000 / XP Supported languages: German, English, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Cache Server HTTP / FTP proxy servers support SSL proxy and internal e-mail server transfers Http Reverse Proxy CGI / ISAPI for PHP, Perl, ASP und SSI (Server Side Includes)? file extension = *. shtml Defense directories. htaccess and. htpasswd virtual host names FTP Server Banner text is available IP addresses and / or domain to be blocked, if allowed anonymous access to folders manage max simultaneous log-ins Brute-Force Protection-attack FTP Gateway Email Server POP3 / IMAP / SMTP virus integration SPAM filter integration Run external programs upon receipt of a notification e-mail, a copy und internal e-mail features in LAN Local referral e-mail e-mail groups NNTP (news) seoltó ir DNS server / server SNTP (TIME) Server Socks 4/5 proxy for, ie ICQ, Home Banking, VNC Additional ports RealPlayer Telnet proxy gateway configuration Comfortable Remote Management systray menu lesson with all brabhsá html a configuration LAN or WAN menus clearly established in HTML format allows your reducing administrative tasks to users put their email passwords and self-management of the referral Connection via standard port without a dial-up network connections linking different selectable, depending on the time of day or day of External Programs week run when run DUN (connecting or delete) after inactivity disconnect external proxy management may restrict Personal User: Time range vary weekday Weekend Time for maximum hours per day Maximum hours per week to the IP address or name of U.S.; Forgotten According IP range of individual access rights for eacj specify blocked proxy and gateway or log friendly websites Administrator approved / monitors 11 different log files Java applet screen (DUN shutdown, the number of links, etc.) systray icon, color-coded status indication

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