Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ArcSoft PhotoStudio [50% DISCOUNT] Torrent Download

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Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: ArcSoft Inc
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Features: Advanced photo editing tools at your fingertips: Offers an array of advanced photo editing tools to help you edit and enhance digital photos. Essential tools include Simple Selection, Magnetic Lasso, Photo Cloning, Photo Enhancement, Multi-Layer Support, Brush and Stamp, Text Layer, Transform, and Print. Advanced correction tools include Auto-Exposure, Auto-De-Noise, Record Macro, Scratch Removal, and Equalization. Auto-align function is provided to help with shaky hands and blurred photos. Add incredible detail, colors, and clarity with HDR: High dynamic range (HDR) combines the same three images with different exposure levels into one eye-popping, vibrant, and detailed image. Additional tools are provided to manually enhance your photo: Smoothness, Detail, Saturation, Contrast, and Brightness. Supports RAW formats, large image files, and 48-bit images: Supports importing and editing popular RAW file formats by Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Adobe (DNG), Sony, Kodak, Olympus, and more. Large image files up to 30,000 x 30,000 pixels and 48-bit images captured from your scanner are also supported. Smart editing tools and more: Extract an object from its background with the Magic-Cut function. Apply Face-Beautify tools to look younger. Set up a macro to easily apply and process many photos at once using pre-recorded effect(s). Manage and print: Provides a powerful browser to help you browse, search, and organize files. Embedded with the functions of tags, ratings, and convenient calendar view. A professional print module comes with easy-to-use customized templates. Help you arrange photos for printing in different sizes on one or many pages

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ArcSoft PhotoStudio [50% DISCOUNT]

ArcSoft PhotoStudio [50% DISCOUNT] torrent

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What is new: Jaw-dropping colors and details with HDR; Includes smart editing tools; Supports RAW format

ArcSoft PhotoStudio Will provide users witha vailable powerful photo editing application with a set of advanced tools, filters and special effects inside a very friendly user interface. Beginners will appreciate the straight-forward design, while advanced users will love the performance and control. The program contains everything you need to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with digital photos.

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  1. Paint.net is (at least in our opinion) the simplest option on the list. It still comes with a ton of powerful features like layers, adjustments, and user-created plugins, but is simple enough that complete newcomers can grasp it immediately. The features are across the top, and filters are accessible from a drop-down menu.
    Some of the special effects are pretty cool: sharpen, blur, distort, emboss, etc. You can even get some Instagram-esque vintage effects in there for good measure. We don’t want to waste too much time on this one. It’s got a lot of features, an easy interface, and a simple layout. If you’re struggling with others on this list, then stick with the easiest option.